About Us

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is promoting and marketing products through GOLOT.IN, we are pride ourselves on giving our customers to easily access to buy our products through www.golot.in online shop. We are all about value and quality, and we are selling very high-quality products with competitive prices and our main aim is to offer strong attention to customer requirements and to serve the most appropriate products based on their actual need, this is the reason the entire product range is highly preferred by the customers. We are selling online as well as direct sales for those required in bulk, if any requirement on bulk orders please contact our support team, they will touch with a bulk price quote.

The History

East India Industrial Supplies Pvt Ltd is based in Hyderabad and the prime source provider and importer and exporter of health, hygiene, safety, and cleanroom products. It is a trusted brand and holds a dominant position in this domain due to its belief to offer high quality, secured, protective and comfortable products of international standards. It is mainly due to the constant effort to meet the requirements of the customers by offering them CE and ISO certified products.